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LOTTE DEPARTMENT STORE conducts a variety of activities to
minimize environmental impact and is shaping an environment
where nature and humans coexist.

Environmental Value Management

Environmental value management

As part of our efforts to create a family-friendly management environment, the Lotte Department Store became the first in the distribution industry to build day care centers to support child-care services for employees and supplier employees. More-over, we are actively engaged in improving work conditions for our female employees so as to actively solve the low-birth prob-lem faced by our society. The Lotte Department Store was built with environment-friendly construction materials, and it offers customized day care systems that coincide with the department store business hours, as well as extended operations in red days and free meal service.

  • In-house efforts

    Using environment as the highest priority value in decision-making

  • External efforts

    Creating new environmental value essential for suppliers, consumers, humanity, and nature

Environmental value management policy

The Lotte Department Store, a leader of customer-oriented management ideology, declares the following environmental value management policy to advance environment-friendly development by the society and businesses.

In-house efforts

  1. Changing the domestic distribution environment into the more eco-friendly environment through environment management and making itself the world's leading environmentally friendly distribution company
  2. We will provide various products that spread the value of the environment while suggesting a new environ-ment-friendly mode of life and consumption habit.
  3. We will spread environmental management to suppliers by sharing our environmental value management.
  4. We will actively engage in reducing environmental waste and lessening the use of natural resources, while ensuring continuous efforts to improve the environment.
  5. We will adhere to environmental regulations and set up new in-house standards that are stricter than legal regulations.
  6. We will create an environmental fund to participate in various preservation activities, and launch a climate change campaign to remind our customers and society about the value of the environment.

Symbol mark / Slogan

Symbol mark / slogan image

Green Lotte Characters (Saeromi, Haemi)

Saeromi, Haemi character image

The Lotte Department Store, a leader of customer-oriented management ideology, declares the following environmental value management policy to advance environment-friendly development by the society and businesses.

Green Company

Creating a company-wide environmental management (ISO 14001)Certificate image

Creating a company-wide environmental management system (ISO 14001)

The Lotte Department Store has been implementing the international environmental management system (ISO 14001) in all branches and headquarters since May 2011 by passing the certification assessments. The ISO 14001 is an advanced international standard for environmental management aimed at the continuous monitoring and cutback of environ- mental damages caused by business activity. ※ At present, the environmental management system’s certification assessment is limited to business operations in Korea

Rooftop ecology park image1

Rooftop ecology park

Unlike conventional parks, Lotte Department Store’s rooftop nature ecology parks are built as a biotype ecology park that incorporates the ecological cycle. These parks serve as a natural rest place for customers and employees while also being priceless experience halls used to educate children about the environment. Furthermore, the garden helps mitigate urban heat and enhances energy efficiency by more than 15%, while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco Shop Burial image

Eco Shop

The Lotte Department Store hosts ‘Eco shops’ at the 8th floor of the main branch and Jamsil branch. The flagship store opened its doors at the main branch in June 2006, followed by a second store at Jamsil in September 2009. The Eco shop is a joint project between the Lotte Department Store and the Korea Green Foundation aimed at selling environment-friendly products that minimize environmental damages, spreading awareness on environment-friendly products, and establishing a green consumption culture. All profits from the Eco shop are donated in full to the environmental fund.

New & renewable energy facilty

In August 2008, the Nowon branch of the Lotte Department Store became the first Korean department store to install solar power facilities. The flat-panel solar modules installed at the rooftop delivers roughly 3,150 tons of heated water used in the restaurants and rest rooms, and results in energy cost-saving of 7.5 million won annually. This facility also serves as an invaluable experience-based educational platform for visitors and children, easily accessible by being connected to the rooftop garden at the Nowon branch.

Green store project

The Lotte Department Store was the first participant from the retail sector to take part in the Ministry of Environment’s Green Store Project. The Green Store Project is a green project aimed at encouraging sales of environment-friendly products within retail stores and installing environment-friendly equipments. As part of the project, the Lotte Department Store installed high-efficiency lighting system to drastically reduce the electricity consumption, while also hosting various sales promotion activities and events for environment-friendly products at each branch. From this point onwards, the Lotte Department Store will continue to expand its green stores, lead the retail industry in the low-carbon green-growth movement and prevention of climate change, and continue company-wide efforts to save the environment.

Green Campaign

Environmental gift certificate fund campaign

Since 2004, the Lotte Department Store has been implementing an environmental gift certificate fund campaign by assigning a portion of its profits from gift certificates to the environmental fund. This campaign is an environmental conservation activity based on a virtuous cycle of growth, where we return the money that customers paid in the purchase of gift certificates to benefit the customers by creating a bountiful environment.. Over the past 7 years, the Lotte Department Store has saved roughly 5.2 billion won to be used for environmental conservation and climate change prevention activities.

  • The 1st Environmental Movie Festival
  • Saesarang scholarship
  • Published Children’s environment education book
  • Winter birdlife protecton campaign
  • Environment research on advanced countires
  • The 2nd Environmental Movie Festival
  • Birdlife protection campaign
  • Children’s Environment School
  • Children’s environment experience program
  • Tokyo environment exhibit
  • Family environment education program
  • The 3rd Environmental Movie Festival
  • Children’s Environment School
  • Sponsoring international environmental movements
  • Environment-friendly fashion campaign
  • Environment scholarship
  • Environment research on advanced countries
  • making DB for avian information
  • Children’s Environment School
  • Greenhouse warming prevention campaign
  • Saesarang campaign
  • Supporting environmental communities
  • Earth Day event
  • Children’s Environment School
  • Supporting development of environmental education curriculum
  • Environmental restoration activities for the Taean disaster region
  • Sponsoring international environmental movements
  • Building new & renewable energy facilities
  • Hosting national environmental volunteer groups participated by customers
  • Developing carbon usage indicators
  • Creating environment-friendly facilities
  • Sponsoring special exhibits on climate change
  • Greenhouse warming prevention campaign
  • Overseas sisterhood activities for children
  • Subtracting energy, adding love campaign
  • The Ministry of Environment Green Start campaign

Coolbiz Warmbiz campaign

Since 2005, the Lotte Department Store has been the first in Korea to introduce the Coolbiz campaign, where we presented a new fashion style that combines energy conservation with environment-friendly lifestyle. The Coolbiz campaign encourages office workers to take off their neckties and jackets during the summer to lower the internal room temperature by 2℃ so as to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 1.6 million to 2.9 million tons annually. The Coolbiz campaign transcends the no-tie campaign that encourage men to get rid of their ties by introducing a more active and environmentally friendly Coolbiz fashion as part of daily lifestyle. In the winter, we are implementing a Warmbiz fashion campaign that reverses the Coolbiz campaign by encouraging workers to wear knitwear or cardigans to conserve energy used for heating. As part of the campaign, the Lotte Department Store hosts a Coolbiz Fashion Show to demonstrate how to coordinate a chic style without neckties and how to embrace the environment-friendly lifestyle that reduces greenhouse gas emission.

Ecobag campaign

Ecobag campaign

The Lotte Department Store distributes ecobags to reduce the dependence on disposable plastic bags for grocery shopping. Every year, workers participate in a design show to come s up with sophisticated and convenient designs, and we distribute more than 400,000 bags every year. Since the introduction of the ecobag policy in 2004, we have manufactured and distributed over 3 million bags as of 2010. To encourage the use of these bags, we are offering a 50 won discount per product for customers using the ecobag.

Green Card

Introduction of the Green Card Policy

The Lotte Department Store is an active participant to the Ministry of Environment’s new Green Card Policy, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and introducing a green lifestyle. Eco-money points are awarded for green card users purchasing green products, and these points may be exchanged with gift certificates when they reach a certain amount. This policy is aimed at introducing green consumption as part of the daily lives of the consumers.

Eco flyer

Eco flyer

The Lotte Department Store is the first in Korea to use an environment-friendly online eco flyer, which is now expanded into a mobile application service, to reduce use of paper. Since February 2011, we have been implementing a visual campaign to promote our environment-friendly policy, spreading the idea that the use of eco flyers is an act of showing our love for the environment. Our campaign generates immediate empathy by writing down the number of eco flyers sent out to customers and the number of trees saved by our efforts in a visual e-mail. Since implementing the policy in April 2011, we have saved 65,840 trees.

Children’s Art Contest for the Environment

Children’s Art Contest for the Environment

The Lotte Department Store’s Children’s Art Contest for the Environment marked its 31st event as of 2010, and it is Korea’s largest art contest for children and adolescents. This contest is part of our company’s environmental program, aimed at reminding our children about the importance of environmental conservation. Every year, more than 10,000 children participate in the event nationwide. In 2009, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of National Defense, and the National Museum of Modern Art joined the list of our sponsors to further the prestige of the event. In 2010, we invited international students and foreign students from China, Russia, and Vietnam to elevate the event as a global art contest.

Lotte Children’s Environment School

Lotte Children’s Environment School

The Lotte Department Store operates the Lotte Children’s Environment School every year, participated by our customers. The Lotte Children’s Environment School started in 2004, and during the 5 years until 2008, we have produced a total of 7 groups and 1,300 graduates. Children in the Environment School took part in various experience-based programs such as the nature enviro-nment camp, environmental rural village experience, and bird watching trips, in addition to overseas progra-ms to the glacier regions in Canada and environment-friendly wetlands in Hong Kong.

Green Partnership

Green Partnership

Green Partnership members

store.lotteshoppingThe Lotte Department Store first introduced the Green Partnership project to spread its environmental management practices to all suppliers. Twenty-three companies from each product category have been participating in the project in areas like ‘creating an environmental management system’ and ‘developing green marketing tools’ to work alongside the Lotte Department Store in complementing environmental policies with win-win management.

Creating an environmental management system

Offering consulting support services for in-house improvements to create an environmental management system, a total of 18 companies succeeded in acquiring the ISO 14001 global environmental management system certificate

Publishing the sustainability report

Offering consulting and publishing fee support so as to facilitate introduction and establishment of sustainability management; a total of 10 companies are currently issuing sustainability management reports

Upgrading production, distribution processes

Improving production processes and distribution systems so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the processing and distribution stages at the suppliers

Creating environmental management manuals

Producing and distributing environment-friendly management manuals for the apparel, meal service, and cleaning industries (Distributed to a total of 753 suppliers)

Operating Green School for suppliers

Operating on-wheel nationwide Green School to improve awareness on environmental protection and environmental management ( a total of 2,500 workers at supplier companies completed the program)

Green Label

Green Label

The Lotte Department Store introduced the Green Label System to spread the environment management ideals to the fashion and apparel industry and vitalize environment-friendly fashion items. The commonly-used national environment-friendly mark and Good Recycle mark certificates are applied mostly on industrial products and not on the department stores’ best selling products such as apparel and food. The Green Label policy was developed by Lotte Department Store to address this gap. As Korea’s first ever environ-ment-friendly label, we were the first retailer in Korea to promote an environment-friendly standard to Korea’s apparel industry, which has a comparatively weak guideline on eco-friendly clothing. The Green Label policy certifies the environment-friendly production process of clothing manufactured by suppliers that qualify under our strict standards. Coming into effect in the first half of 2009, we plan to expand the system and further develop its application.

Green Purchasing

The Lotte Department Store is currently implementing a ‘Green Purchasing’ policy that gives priority to the purchase of environmentally-certified products that do not contain harmful residues during our procurement process. Since December 2006, the Lotte Department Store has been partaking in the Ministry of Environment’s voluntary green purchasing program to set forth a guideline on green purchasing, and will be expanding the purchases of environment-friendly certified products.

Signed Green Start MOU with the Ministry of Environment (July 2009)

The Lotte Department Store signed an MOU with Korea’s Ministry of Environment in July 2009 for building a nationwide Green Start Network and Green Start Operations, so as to facilitate its ‘1 customer 1 green’ policy. Since the signing of this deal, we have organized special lectures by the Environmental Minister for our employees and executives regarding the importance of the environment, installed carbon usage indicators on the KIOSK automated self-service machines, and hosted numerous other projects to bring the issue of environment home to our customers.