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for society

LOTTE DEPARTMENT STORE is committed to living in coexistence
with various stakeholders by taking social responsibilities and
making a great contribution to national and social growth.

Encouraging Family-planning

Social contribution by encouraging childbirth(September 2009 ~)

The Lotte Department Store sympathizes with the nation’s childbirth promotion policy, and is actively promoting a childbirth promotion campaign to address the social issue. The Lotte Department Store is carrying out various campaigns for customers and employees to create a better world for giving birth.

5 joint projects

  • Reinforcing a family-planning encouragement system
  • Creating a family-friendly corporate culture
  • Expanding facilities for pregnant women and women in general
  • Creating a birth-supporting fund and fulfilling social responsibilities
  • Creating a childbirth-friendly social environment
Family-planning encouragement bus ‘A room for loving mothers’ photo

Family-planning encouragement bus ‘A room for loving mothers’(May 2011~)

A room for loving mothers is an on-wheel service that visits core office hubs in the capital metropolitan area to provide services related to pregnancy and childbirth. The service provides simple diagnoses by obstetricians and gynecologists, diverse contents for prenatal education, organic snacks for pregnant women, and even foot massage services, to offer practical assistance for working mothers who are balancing work with family life andwho are finding it difficult to attend prenatal classes and acquire information.

Awarded the Order of Civil Merit and Presidential Commendation (September 2011)

The Lotte Department Store has received the Order of Civil Merit, Camellia Medal on September 2011 in recognition of its nationwide pro-natal campaign and its leading role in establishing a corporate culture with optimal work-family balance. We were also awarded the Presidential Commendation in 2010 for our dedicated efforts.

Overnight camp with dadse (December 2010)

Overnight camp with dadse(December 2010)

Encouraging to-be fathers’ participation in childcare to help working mothers better balance work

The Seoul Arts Center Kid’s Lounge (December 2010)

The Seoul Arts Center Kid’s Lounge(December 2010)

Installing a safe day care center within the Seoul Art Center for performance viewers with children

Dadoongi family invitation event (December 2010)

Dadoongi family invitation event(December 2010)

Inviting more than 600 Dadoongi families (families with more than 3 children) for participation-based

Family-friendly Management

Opening of the Lotte Department Store Day Care Center

As part of our efforts to create a family-friendly management environment, the Lotte Department Store became the first in the distribution industry to build day care centers to support child-care services for employees and supplier employees. Moreover, we are actively engaged in improving work conditions for our female employees so as to actively solve the low-birth problem faced by our society. The Lotte Department Store was built with environment-friendly construction materials, and it offers customized day care systems that coincide with the department store business hours, as well as extended operations in red days and free meal service.

  • Opening of the Lotte Department Store Day Care Center
  • Family-friendly Company’ certification

‘Family-friendly Company’ certification

In 2009, the Lotte Department Store became the first in the retail sector to receive the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Family-friendly Company Certification. The Family-friendly Company Certification is a government policy that uses paper and on-site inspections to award companies with leading policies in family-friendly management that enables employees to harmonize work with their family life. We at Lotte Department Store will continue to exert our utmost efforts during working hours and create a healthy business environment where we can spend more time with our families.

Operating diverse family-friendly programs

Operating diverse family-friendly programs

The Lotte Department Store has been operating various family-friendly programs to enable a balanced work and family life for our employees. Since 2007, we have been organizing special groups of Lotte members to view baseball matches, and have been expanding this event to include supplier employees. We are also actively engaged in family invitation events for family members and children of the employees as part of employee welfare. In the winter vacation period, we offer experience-based learning programs such as the ski camps, which are popular with the employee families.

Global CSR

Vietnam The Lotte School

Vietnam The Lotte School

After 1 year of construction, the Lotte Department opened the second Lotte School in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam in February 2010. The newly built 2 story building hosts 8 classrooms, up from the former 3, while Lotte also invested in the renovation of the schoolyard, installation of fences, support of various facilities and equipments to create a pleasant and safe environment so that children can focus on their studies. This project is the second global education-supporting activity by the group since the 1st Lotte School (Son Ky Middle School) renovation project in September 2009, at the central province of Quang Ngai. The Lotte Department Store hopes to continue this endeavor by building the third and fourth Lotte Schools.

Ethiopia The Lotte Dream Center

Ethiopia The Lotte Dream Center

In March 2011, the Lotte Department Store started a reforestation program at Tianjin City’s Nankai District as part of its ‘Green China Project’ campaign. This project is aimed at clearing up the sky of Tianjin City, currently polluted by yellow dust and pollution. Furthermore, the reforestation program chose fauna that befits the local dietary cultures by consulting Tianjin’s residents and non-governmental organizations, and helped reinforce Lotte Department Store’s image as a contributor to local communities. The Lotte Mart started orphanage projects in the Beijing region since 2011, and is continuing CSR activities within China. Our orphanage support project will eventually be institutionalized into bi-monthly visits and expanded to all branches.

East Timor Clock donations

East Timor Clock donations

The Lotte Department Store started the ‘used clock donation campaign’ to address the problems in East Timor, where the lack of clocks in households causes frequent tardiness and absence among students and hinders quality education. By receiving campaign donations at the information desks and event halls at all branches of the Lotte Department Store, we were able to collect used clocks. We donated these clocks, donated clothing, We presented 100 employee-usage computers to East Timor.

South Africa The Hope expedition

South Africa The Hope expedition

During the 2010 South Africa World Cup, the Lotte Department Store formed a volunteer expedition group to be dispatched to South Africa and help support the construction of a soccer field. Two football stadiums were built in South Africa’s Potchefstroom, and Lotte’s Hope expedition helped with the finalization process. Furthermore, the expedition worked with Doctors without Borders to provide medical supplies and resources.

Local CSR

  • Volunteer clubs at each branch 1
  • Volunteer clubs at each branch 2
  • Volunteer clubs at each branch 3

Volunteer clubs at each branch

All branches of the Lotte Department Store operates volunteer clubs where interested employees can voluntarily participate in the volunteer works. As of 2011, 38 volunteer clubs with 1,500 volunteers are in operation to organize volunteer works for the neglected people in the local communities. Furthermore, we named mountain and river preservation areas falling under each region such as Cheonggyecheon, Achasan, Haeundae and assigned 1 branch for 1 region to engage in environ- mental activities, while con- tinuing our efforts to take better care of our neglected neighbors and spread the value of sharing.

Coal briquette-sharing volunteer

Coal briquette-sharing volunteer

Each branch of the Lotte Department Store hosts a loving coal briquette-sharing event to deliver coal briquettes used in winter heating to the low-income and neglected families in the community. From this point onwards, the Lotte Department Store will continue to be part of the regional community fabric by organizing similar volunteering activities.

  • Residential environment improvement volunteer 1
  • Residential environment improvement volunteer 2

Residential environment improvement volunteer

The Lotte Department Store uses funds from the Matching Grant to help improve the living environment of senior citizens living in solitude, children breadwin- ners, disabled people, and other neglected classes. A total of 55 million won was used for the project, and more than 200 employees from 21 branches gathered to clean up the residential environment of their less fortunate neighbors and spread our love. Furthermore, the Lotte Department Store awards in-house company credits for employees participating in the volunteer work, so as to give more incentives for participation.

Picnic program for atopic children

Picnic program for atopic children

The Lotte Department Store operates an atopic dermatitis support program that supports medical expenses and drug costs for low-income household children under age 12, who suffer from environment-induced disease of atopy. We also conduct picnic programs for atopic children who face difficulty staying outside due to the stress on their skin, by organizing trips to forests and ecological destinations effective for atopic treatment, thus ensuring that the children can have bright and healthy lives.

Human network mentoring activities

Since May 2010, the Lotte Department Store has been an active participant to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Human Network Project. The Ministry’s Human Network Project is aimed at fueling the dreams and growth of the neglected classes by offering support and guidance for emotional and personal needs that are difficult to address in institutionalized welfare practices. Since the mentor-mentee ceremony at the Human Network Conference in May 2010, all employees are voluntarily partaking in the mentoring programs for children of the low-income and neglected classes.